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    Our Focus

    Even though we cover all aspects of first time parenting, we offer a unique perspective on the following areas:
    • newborn

      Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Now what? When you bring your bundle of joy home, a whole new world of late nights, feeding schedules, and diapers awaits. We’ll help guide you along this exciting (and sometimes challenging) journey. Whether it’s your first, or last child, get the latest tips and techniques for raising happy newborns.

    • infant

      Babies grow fast! What foods should they eat? What’s the best clothing for them to wear? How can you bond with your infant? Get these answers and more right here at First Time Parent Magazine. Know what to expect and be prepared for the important steps ahead in your child’s development.

    • toddler

      The terrible two’s and three’s are inevitable. This is an important phase in a child’s development. A time when they really begin to engage and interact with the world around them. What happens when they fall? How should you discipline them? What important values can you teach them? Learn from the experts research and experience brought together here at First Time Parent Magazine.

    • for dads

      Men are expected now more than ever to be more involved in family life and child rearing. A man’s relationship with his children is definitely a key component in the outcome of their lives. Be the dad who’s informed. First Time Parent is a valuable resource for the latest in child research and development. Fathers can effectively navigate the complexities of their role with our app.

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