Everything you need for a healthy toddler
  • 12 to 36 months

    The terrible two’s and three’s are inevitable. This is an important phase in a child’s development. A time when they really begin to engage and interact with the world around them. What happens when they fall? How should you discipline them? What important values can you teach them? How can you use play-based learning to maximize your child's potential? Learn from the experts.
  • Teething


    When your toddler starts teething, you’ll absolutely, positively understand why they call it “the terrible 2’s”.  Know what to expect when it comes time to dealing with the teething monster. And, learn ways of dealing with teething that will be pleasant for everyone involved.

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  • Play-Based Learning


    Toddlers are busy little beings.  The more busywork you can give them, the better.  We like to suggest fun activities that will both occupy and teach your little one’s valuable skills.  Dexterity, cognitive skill improvement and fine motor skills are always considered.

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  • Discipline


    There has been much in the way of research about disciplining children in the past.  We will share new research with you as it becomes available in this area. 

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  • Dealing with Noise


    Is the noise driving you mad?  Toddlers love to make noise.  It’s part of their discovery of the world and learning about how they can effect their environment.  But there has to be a happy compromise between their delightful discovery and your sanity! Let us help you find that happy, healthy medium.
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