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Featured Back Issue

February 2017

A peek at what is inside this issue:

  • Ways that your baby loves you

  • Breast milk for your face! Who knew?

  • Your baby's heart

  • How do you maintain passion?

  • Parent super powers

  • Sign language for baby

* Back issues originally designed for in-app viewing

What's New??

Welcome to First Time Parent Magazine! We have been providing monthly parenting magazine issues since 2013 on our mobile app. We have switched to a fully website-based parenting magazine platform with articles featuring parenting experts and vetted baby, toddler, preschooler, and new parent products, a new and exciting member area featuring parenting information, parenting resources, downloads, tools, and parenting resources for those planning pregnancies, currently pregnant, or have a child aged 0-5yrs.


We encourage you to take a look around and check back often, as we are uploading new content regularly.