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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, we'd like to add additional meaning to gift-giving. People are increasingly interested in brands that rest upon a meaningful mission or purpose. What is the inspiration behind a brand? We have snuck in a bit of information about why the brands in our lineup do what they do. Check out our recommendations for this season's gift-giving, and stay tuned for some upcoming stocking stuffers, too.


We are always on the lookout for cool baby and child-friendly items. We especially love items that have a developmental and inspirational edge to them, as well as items that help your little one feel cozy and loved.


Organic Cotton/Modal Jumpsuit

Bonny Honey offers organic products for mom and baby with unique designs, comfort, and safe production in mind.

  • Free from harmful chemicals

  • Made from soft and flexible 50/50 cotton/modal (beech wood fiber) fabric

  • Fixed front buttons with accessible snap fasteners at the shoulder

  • Hand or delicate wash and air-dry

Every brand has a purpose, and at, you can find many amazing brands from around the globe, like Bonny Honey, who have purposeful missions of healthful living, sustainability, community, and more.


Countdown to Christmas - Felt Activity Advent Calendar

Advent calendars don't need to contain candy to be fun. With this felt activity advent calendar from Kids Crafts, your child will create 25 ornament sticker crafts! Not only will it keep them busy, but it will also engage your little one to work on hand-eye coordination and patience! Kids can follow simple picture instructions to create the ornaments on their own. No glue, sewing, or special equipment is required! A variety of other kits are also available.


World's First AI Reading Coach

Ello equips children with the essential decoding skills required for reading mastery. With Ello, children do not guess or ‘cue’ based on pictures in the book; they are taken on a journey of mastery of phonics and supported in the process of decoding words as they read engaging stories tailored to their abilities and interests. The app is recommended for children who read at a

Pre-K to 3rd-grade level.

Ello is currently offering discounted monthly membership packages at (Subscription includes five books per month.)

With a mission to empower every child to become a competent, enthusiastic reader, regardless of their resources or environment, Ello excels at precisely aligning books with a child’s reading proficiency and interests, meeting the child where they are on their reading journey, and fostering that child’s motivation and skill development.


Ultra-Soft Jersey Swaddles

Get ahold of the dreamiest swaddles ever. The gorgeous texture and color of Rafe + Moose swaddles will keep your bundle of joy safe and snug. Newborns, especially, love the security that a swaddle offers as it simulates that womb-like fit around their little body. Help prevent sudden infant death syndrome by keeping babies safely on their backs while sleeping. Additionally, Rafe + Moose offers hats, bows, and other wardrobe items. All are available in beautiful colors to suit your fancy or your nursery!


Baby Soft Alpaca Bonnet

We have discovered the cutest bonnets ever! This alpaca bonnet comes in 4 colors with attached chin straps to hold it in place. Different sizes are available. Why have a plain baby hat when you can have one made with love in such a cute style? Hannah Andersson also offers other cozy attire for the entire family. So, if you are looking for warm outerwear, cozy pajamas, or even a quality holiday sweater, definitely stop by their website and check out their amazing offerings!

  • Bonnet made from a blend of 80% baby alpaca/20% acrylic sweater yarns

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and lay flat to dry

  • Imported

"There is a Swedish expression, "den röda tråden," which means "the red thread" — the throughline that ties everything together and gives it meaning. Our red thread began over thirty years ago when Gun Denhart, a Swedish woman living in the United States, founded Hanna Andersson. Her goal was to outfit the adventure of childhood by embracing distinctly Scandinavian principles: iconic design that marries form and function, a genuine commitment to sustainability, and a lifestyle that leads to happy, meaningful lives." This brand also offers pre-loved, gently used hanna-me-down items.


Children's Polarized Sunglasses

Sunnies specializes in vibrantly-colored, polarized sunglasses for children that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Kids love the colors and designs and will be thrilled to have a pair of sunglasses that show their unique personality. Approved by kids and parents!

  • Thoughtfully designed to ensure ultimate comfort

  • Durable to withstand active play and extended outdoor time

  • Several vibrant colors and prints to choose from

  • Express your child's individual style

Sunnies was founded in 2021 by sisters-in-law Kim Hartz and Courtney Campo, dedicated moms with a mission to revolutionize kids' eyewear.


Stage-Based Play Essentials For Ages 0-5

We have recently discovered LOVEVERY and are so happy with how many amazing developmental toy options they offer. Keep your little one busy with toys designed to engage your child's growing brain based on developmental capabilities. These toys are great for keeping your 2-year-old occupied while you switch over the laundry, cook dinner, or tuck into your own dinner. We know how it is. Sometimes you need a moment. LOVEVERY gives you an extra moment and keeps the little one safely and creatively occupied. Place multiple items on toy rotation. Subscription-based service available. Choose from play kits, a Montessori shelf, play gyms, music sets, course packs, and more.


Octopod® Bamboo Baby Suction Dishes

Abiie, LLC is an award-winning baby gear brand whose patented designs prioritize functionality, safety, and comfort. Pictured here is the Octopod suction-cup toddler dishware line. Choose from bamboo and silicone plate and bowl styles. Additionally, they offer other innovative baby gear options.

  • Minimalist-inspired functional and sustainable designs

  • High-quality, child-safe materials

Abiie, LLC is committed to supporting healthy families and a healthy planet with sustainability, the use of eco-friendly materials in its products, implementing energy-efficient operations, promoting recycling, and donating a portion of its profits to environmental organizations.


Little Miss Mouse

Maileg is a Danish designed brand that specializes in unique and authentic children's toys

that are well-made and heirloom-quality. These toys inspire children to create their own stories with imaginative play and memory-making moments. Be sure to check out the full line of fun characters, doll houses, and more. There are so many sweet offerings that you may end up even finding something for mom and grandma, too!

  • Unique and authentic look

  • Heirloom quality

  • Recommended for ages 3+

  • Limited quantity releases

  • Collectible

Maileg advocates for simpler, high-quality toys over plastic ones, believing they stimulate creativity and story-building in children.


Developmental Play Center

Keep your little one entertained with this 7-in-1 activity gym. Various play modes allow for adaptation to your child's needs and interests as they grow and reach new developmental milestones. The piano feature includes 21 sounds in addition to a composer mode. A comfortable C-shaped positioner provides extra support for the smallest littles. Hang the baby's toys onto the frame and rearrange pieces at will.

  • Available at major retailers

  • Enhance baby's cognitive and developmental skills through play

  • Encourage sensory exploration and hand-eye coordination

  • Make tummy time fun

  • Introduce your child to musical play


Happy Hearts Board Game

If you are looking for mindful toys, games, and books, be sure to click above and check out the selection of items available with Mindful And Co. Kids. The Happy Hearts board game weaves science-backed mindfulness techniques (yoga, breathing, awareness) into a game that elicits laughter and develops a growth mindset.

  • Hand-illustrated

  • Teach children the value of taking a moment in their day to pause and find calm

  • Encourages gratitude and joy

  • Great for ages 4 and up

Created by a child psychotherapist, Mindful & Co Kids aims to help parents and caregivers raise resilient, kind, and compassionate kids, instilling in them the importance of creating their own happiness.


Unopened Overstock + One-Of-A-Kind Open-Box Gear

Rebelstork focuses on extending the life of quality baby gear and keeping it out of our landfills. Choose items from car seats, strollers, baby gear, nursery items, gifts, and more on their website. These items are new overstock, new open-box, and quality used baby items. Each item is quality and condition rated by Rebelstork specialists who are Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Be sure to check out the Toy & Play Shop for discounted overstock name-brand items.

Also, if you have a gently-used, high-quality baby item to sell, contact Rebelstork and see how you can work together to re-home your item! Pictured above is the BIGJIGS TOYS Country Play Kitchen, available in pink and white.

In purchasing through Rebelstork, purchasers can feel good about participating in the circular economy. From unopened overstock and one-of-a-kind open-box, Rebelstork partners with best-in-class retailers and brands to make sure families get baby gear before the landfills do. To date, over 180,000+ pieces of baby gear have been saved from landfill – that’s something to feel good about.


Unique, High-Quality, Child-Sized Furniture

Children LOVE items that are uniquely their size. This especially applies to furniture. Now, there is a bold, innovative, high-quality furniture option tailor-made for your child. Choose from a wide range of items like chaise lounges, recliners, and rocking chairs. Additionally, it is possible to customize your existing furniture item to fit your needs. Items ship in the USA only.


We found some great items for the adults on your list, from artisanal fudge to clever workout tools and personal care items. Staying healthy is one of the best ways to set a good example for the littles and one of the best ways to stick around for the long haul. We know fudge isn't really all that healthy, but sometimes it is oh-so-good for wellbeing. That is important too!


Sustainable Subscription Box

Take the guesswork out of making meaningful and sustainable lifestyle swaps in your home, whether it is household cleaning tools or a number of other high-performing brands on offer. Each delivery includes a full-sized sustainable item based on your setup preferences, as well as tips for use as you move to a more sustainable lifestyle. Members can receive a monthly shipment for as little as $13 a month based on setup preferences. You don't have to make one big change all at once. Instead, try vetted products to see which ones actually fit your lifestyle.

Dedicated to meeting you where you are on your path to a more eco-conscious lifestyle, we know that small changes can have a mighty impact over time.

Ann Clark®

Cookie Cutters + Baking Supplies

Get creative with cookie decorating this year with the amazing selection of cookie cutters from Ann Clark. Check their website to access their brilliant, easy-to-follow decoration tutorials. They have other tools, too, like bakeware, kitchen tools, gels and icing, baking mixes, and apparel. They make it easy to create and share a batch of joy. Plus, these cookie cutters and non-GMO, high-quality pancake and waffle mixes are perfect for bonding and baking with children.


Artisinal Alpaca + Wool Infinity Scarf

Accessorize any outfit with a handmade Ecuadorian Alpaca + Wool Infinity Scarf. This scarf is gorgeously colored, soft, and long enough to wrap around the neck twice (for most people). This scarf is naturally hypoallergenic and a lovely addition to any wardrobe. Due to the handmade nature of this product, each item is unique and comes with variations in color.

  • Handmade by Ecuadorian artisans using cultural techniques and traditions

  • Monthly changes to color selections

  • Soft and warm

  • One size fits most

  • Wash gently in cold water and mild soap

Purposer is committed to upholding the dignity of their partners, as well as honoring their cultural techniques and traditions.


100% Mulberry Silk

For home or travel, SLIP offers 100% Mulberry Silk items like hair ties, pillowcases, eye masks, and travel pillows. All items are designed to keep your hair and skin as beautiful and undamaged as possible. Silk is known to create less resistance on skin and hair, clinically shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and nurture hair strands by keeping them from fraying and tangling during tossing and turning while one is asleep. SLIP is a great addition to your beauty routine. Offered in several unique patterns. Items can be purchased individually or in the perfect gift-sized bundles for your special person. Save up to 60% with their Black Friday Sale.


Photo Keepsake Book For Your Child's Artwork

We love our children's artwork...and it can be plentiful. A great way to organize these many gifts of the heart is to put them into a Scribble keepsake book. You will need at least 24 photos of your child's artwork to print a book. But no worries! You can save your project and add images over time as the artwork is created. When you are ready, use the platform's algorithms to create a beautiful hardcover book to display and share with family and friends.

  • Simple design process with an easy-to-use app

  • Photos carefully enhanced to bring out details

  • Design over time and add photos as they are created.

  • Great gift for family and friends


Clean, Organic Skincare

Allow a moment of mindful gifting this holiday season. Merigold offers clean, organic skincare with quality ingredients that support natural beauty, nourished skin, and a positive model for immersing oneself in soothing, hudrating luxury. Merigold uses soothig organic ingredients like tulsi, banana, papaya, lavender, spirulina and oat. Try their Mint Spirulina Face Mask,

Coconut Rose Bath Soak or other offerings to treat yourself or your loved one.

Merigold's mission is to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty and inspire moments of tranquility


Fresh San Franciscan Artisinal Fudge

Are you looking for a sweet artisanal pick-me-up? Look no further than Z. Cioccolato. This fudge is carefully and artfully crafted in San Francisco. Join their Fudge of the Month Club to try the latest blends or choose from classic favorites like their famous one-of-a-kind Peanut Butter Pie Fudge, which features 7 layers of goodness or seasonal limited-edition specialties like Maple Bourbon (Btw, it's amazing!). Z. Cioccolato has been crafting these gourmet fudges for over 20 years. Follow them on facebook and instagram for the latest updates. Use code: FUDGE for online orders to save $5.


Ergonomic Acupressure Mat

While some may find acupressure a little bit overstimulating, others will greatly benefit from it. Especially if they are dealing with chronic pain. We have enjoyed trying this item out and have found it to be quite beneficial to lowering overall pain levels while inducing relaxation. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use on most surfaces. Bed of Nails is effective for triggering the body's natural healing capabilities as the specially designed topical 'nails' stimulate but do not penetrate the skin. The design is a modern Swedish twist on an ancient practice. Pull it out when needed, or add it to your meditative routine. Sign up to their mailing list and save 15%!


Hand Stitched Leather Skillet Handle Cover

A cast iron pan is a kitchen essential, especially if you want to add a bit of iron to your diet. With Alto Andina hand-stitched leather skillet handle covers, one thing you will not be missing is a burnt hand. This full-grain, vegetable-tanned cover is heat resistant and fits over all cast iron handle sizes. The thick leather cover softens and conforms to the handle over time.


Sweet Heat & Spicy Sauces

Some like it hot; some like it hot and sweet. These all-natural jellies are PERFECT for adding to any meal. Jenkins Jellies incorporates flavors like passionfruit, fig, smoky caramel, guava, pear, and more. The natural sweetness of fresh fruits pairs beautifully with cheese & charcuterie boards, meat glazes, eggs, sandwiches, sweet desserts, or mixed cocktails. Use your imagination! Check online for a full list of flavor experiences.

  • Pepper nuances include jalapeño, habanero, Hungarian wax, bell, serrano, and cayenne

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan

Jenkins Jellies was born out of the founder's experimentation with the fresh bounty of her backyard garden and sharing her creations with her loved ones and neighbors. Delicious food from a love of creative experimentation and sharing.

Checkmate! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chess

Game and Strategies For 8+

Welbeck Publishing

Chess is a fantastic game for challenging the mental muscles. Author John Foley, chess expert and the Secretary of the Education Commission of the European Chess Union, makes learning chess simple and fun!. The book is Intended for kids ages 8 to 12 but is great for anyone who would like to learn all about the game.


Made-To-Order Leather Bags

The Leather Triangle Sling Bag is a fun new design by Moss Bags, based in Bellingham, Washington. This stile is fun and functional with options to wear on the back, front or shoulder. Made from full-grain leather, it comes in different shades. Pictured: Honey Brown with brass hardware and interior key-clip. The strap is adjustable. We love this youthful looking bag. Other colors and styles available as well.


Perfect Balance Trainer For All Ages

For long-term fitness, consider adding a Giboard to your routine. This balance trainer is perfect for all ages and turns various types of balancing exercises into a great core workout. Work on those stabilizer muscles! For use indoors or out, home or office. Use the Giboard to enhance yoga practices, strengthen posture, and practice freestyle tricks and movements (think skateboarding), among other exercise styles.

  • Made from high-grade, durable American maple

  • Safe for use with all skill levels and age groups

  • Improve flexibility, agility, reflexes, relaxation, concentration, balance and body awareness

  • Supports early childhood development

Cover photo by lascot studio

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