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6 Ways to Dress for Summer When Pregnant

Being pregnant does change a few things as the weather heats up. What are some ways to help stay comfortable as the temperatures rise? Your Baby Club offers these six tips.

Avoid wearing black

While many people opt for choosing a black outfit, as the color is known for being flattering, the color does not bode well when it comes to the heat and can make for an uncomfortable choice in hot weather.

Darker clothing is unable to reflect the sunlight and, therefore, absorbs the wavelengths and traps the heat, making it one to avoid for soon-to-be moms on a summer’s day when your body temperature is already higher than usual.

Elasticated waist skirts When rocking a bump, skirts with an elasticated waistband are essential for your comfort but also for keeping your baby bump safe. This is a much better option than more restrictive materials like leather or denim.

A chic maxi skirt is a great way to disguise swollen legs, ankles, and feet that can often come with pregnancy, or you could opt for an on-trend, satin midi skirt or floaty pleated one.

Skirts are also extremely versatile, so they can be effortlessly paired with a cropped t-shirt, tank top, or even a tied casual shirt.

Lightweight linen Linen is the ultimate material for summer, whether it’s a top, shirt, co-ord, skirt, dress, or trousers - it’s a great breathable fabric for when the hot weather hits. Not only is linen very comfortable and lightweight, meaning your bump won’t feel restricted in it, but it’s also very airy, absorbing any dampness from your body and drying quickly to prevent you from feeling hot and clammy.

Maxi dresses Taking you from day to night, the maxi dress is a great choice that can be styled for any occasion - not to mention they’re very comfy. You can choose a block-colored, bodycon maxi dress to show off your bump, a more casual jersey material maxi to wear around the house, or opt for a floaty floral number, perfect for a summer BBQ.

Your maxi dress can also be easily dressed up with accessories and sandals or dressed down with a pair of trainers.

Maternity dungarees

Dungarees are the perfect casual yet stylish outfit, as they are really comfortable and accommodating around your bump. Available in a variety of different materials, from stretchy denim to jersey material, cotton, and linen - you’re guaranteed to find a pair you love.

Best of all, putting together an outfit with dungarees is super easy - simply put on a pair of trainers and a relaxed striped T-shirt, and you have an effortlessly-styled outfit that’s great for warm weather.


During pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive to sunlight and more likely to burn, which is why it’s essential to protect your scalp and hairline. So, whilst applying suncream onto your parting isn’t the best look and will make your hair look greasy, a stylish sunhat is the perfect accessory to protect you.

There’s a hat for every summer occasion, whether you’re heading to the beach for the day in a woven, straw fedora, keeping it casual in a bucket hat, or sporting a baseball cap for a walk in the park.

Cover photo by Yan Krukau

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