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Baby and Parent Gear to Peep This Spring

This spring, we want to emphasize cozy and comfort. Check out these great items that we have discovered and tested for you. Happy spring, Mom and Dad!

Make a smooth transition from bath-time to bedtime with Riff Raff Baby. The character bath sets include one wash mitt and one cute 95% cotton hooded towel. After the bath, your baby can snuggle up with one of 5 different lovable sleep toys. The sleep pal comes with a removable sound box for playing a lullaby, white noise, or heartbeats and has the ability to be strapped to the side of the crib or stroller. Machine washable after removing the sound box. Add your own scent to the toy and make it a part of cuddle time to help add even more comfort for your little one at bedtime. This sleep pal does come with safe sleep guidelines.

On-the-go activity toy with a travel clip and teether. This cozy toy has various soft textures, touchable ribbons, a crinkly inside, and chewable edges. The attached teether is made from safe rubber. Encourage sensory development with your babe. For ages 0+.

Minky blankets are the best! Especially for those with super soft skin. Cuddle up with these baby-sized minky blankets that can be personalized with your child's name. Select from various cute patterns like clementines, lemons, or dinosaurs! 100% polyester. 30'x40'

We know mother nature can be unpredictable at best, especially during seasonal transitions. Layers are key, right? Chilly Child ponchos have an ultra-soft, velvety texture. These high-quality garments come in hooded, sleeved, and sleeveless styles that are reversible! Choose from several patterns and colors. No buttons or zippers. Made in the U.S.A.

Let's face it, after baby, most of us can use a little help in supporting the midsection, even if it is shortly after birth, as things are shrinking back into place. We really like this compression bodysuit shaper, which supports the thighs and mid-section while offering flexibility, lift, and freedom in the booty area. Adjustable or removable upper straps offer support without interfering with the breasts. The front zipper is also supported by a hook system for added strength. Zippered crotch has a protective added layer of protection. This item is best for use after the initial postpartum recovery phase has passed. These undergarments provide great support and hide well under clothing. Sizes XS-6X. Additionally, Shapellx offers a full line of daily shapewear! Check them out.

These cozy signature lounge pants are perfect for lounging or sleeping. Featuring an elastic waistband with a drawstring tie. Super soft and stretchy. Choose from several designs. 95% polyester, 5% spandex.

AllerPop® is a cleverly designed line of products specifically designed to encourage good bacteria in the mouth, sinus, and nasal areas. Traditional toothpaste can remove beneficial bacteria that are essential for mouth health. This toothpaste ensures that bad bacteria are removed while feeding beneficial bacteria, potentially helping to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies and upper respiratory complaints. Not for use during cold or flu. Contains ingredients like peppermint, arginine, stevia, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, cinnamon, and cocoa powder, depending on the product. With allergy season upon us, this brand is worth a try!

When it comes to supplements, zinc is one of those nutrients that are worth researching. Vimergy offers liquid zinc supplements in a base of organic glycerine derived from flax, purified water, and organic apple juice. Certified Organic. Check their full line of offerings online.

If you are looking for tooth care products for your child, the Xlear Spry® Dental Defense System offers a healthier option for the care of teeth and gums. This complete dental system includes xylitol and cranberry extract-based, fluoride-free toothpaste, xylitol-based gum, mints, and alcohol-free mouthwash that children enjoy using. We know children can get a bit picky with flavors sometimes. Check the full lineup online. Available at major retailers and online.

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