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Bioqr Clinical Bioenergy Treatment as Applied to Fertility, Pregnancy, and Children

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Photo Credit: Alan Vajdić / Zagreb, Croatia

Interview with Ivan Roca of Biotherapy Asia

Updated 11-30-23

Parents naturally want the best for their children. This especially holds true when it comes to the health and well-being of their child. Many parenting forums are inundated with requests for non-invasive methods of treating various childhood maladies. New practices in the world of bioenergetics and quantum physics are now bringing to the world a non-invasive form of healing that works in conjunction with modern medical practices and is simple and natural to apply. In the following interview, we speak with Ivan Roca, founder of Biotherapy Asia LTD and the Biotherapy Asia Foundation, about how Bioqr™– Clinical Bioenergy Treatment can be a valuable and empowering tool for couples having issues with fertility, pregnancy complications, infant and child health, and stabilization of symptoms in non-curable conditions like Autism, Hemophilia, etc.

Bioqr™ is a non-invasive, scientifically-based clinical therapy that stimulates the immune system of the patient to induce innate healing potential. This therapy can be performed on persons of any age, location, or condition (other than psychosis) because it cannot harm the patient. Rather, it stimulates the innate healing potential within the patient’s body such that the body heals itself.

Is this method suitable for all ages, and what are some things you might do differently when treating infants or children versus treating an adult?

In approach, there is generally no difference between treating children or adult patients because this therapy is non-invasive and since we cannot harm the patient, and since we cannot push the therapy in a sense like you can do, for example, with a pharmaceutical treatment or some other invasive treatment. I cannot increase the dosage or bring on more of the effect. This is because the effect itself is the response of the child’s immune system, or the child’s defense systems, and self-healing systems.

The only difference is that in children, the results happen a little bit faster, so we can do the therapy a little bit shorter. Why is it so? I am not entirely sure. This is something to inquire about and research. But an educated guess is that, most likely, the child’s defenses also relate to the development of the child and are governed by the very same mechanisms behind the growth of the tissue and the rapid changes of the tissues happening all the time. From the age of 12yrs old, this is the first phase of the development. This is the phase when the immune system has a buildup of environmental influence. The adaptive immune systems build up, and the body responds in the same manner to the artificial stimulation from outside. Because energy treatment is artificial external stimulation of the immune system.

Sometimes, in pregnancy, a fetus has a medical condition like spina bifida, a heart abnormality, or other conditions. Can a fetus in utero be treated with this therapy to potentially clear up the issue without having to resort to invasive, high-risk surgery?

If there is a diagnostic that is giving a very clear signature of a possible disorder and the diagnostics are done at a very early stage, then it is quite possible that this therapy can lead to avoidance of the invasive treatments which are sometimes necessary to be done after delivery. Why? Because the fetus is not just protected by the immune system. The development of the fetus is governed by the immune system. So, I would say that in my experience with some conditions which are affecting the immune system itself, or the fetus, or some conditions that are congenital and affecting the soft tissue, can be treated with great success. In cases where we have problems with spina bifida, if discovered in a very early stage, it can be treated. If discovered at a later stage (6-8months), you can do the treatment in utero, and then you continue the treatment after the delivery in combination with classical medical approaches.

How can bioenergetic therapy assist a couple who is experiencing fertility problems? Do you treat both couples, and what specifically do you treat?

This therapy has very good results with infertility in men and with women. Of course, there are cases where there is a genetic incompatibility or genetic problem. In that case, we can support new methods in medicine, and these methods can get better results. When we have a genetic situation, we have to combine it with classical medicine. If there is no such problem, this treatment can bring good results. In any case, if the couple decides to do any other classical medical treatment, we can combine it with Biotherapy.

When we treat infertility in men and women, we put a lot of attention to the area of the ovaries and the thyroid gland (which is involved in the control of the hormonal image of the patient). We also put attention to the circulation in the area of the uterus. When couples have difficulty with conception or if they are doing a medically invasive treatment like IVF, and others, if it’s not successful and had to be repeated multiple times, this is very stressful for the partners. It can be very stressful, especially for the woman, when hormonal therapy is involved, which can bring depression and other problems (physical and mental conditions). For that reason, we also put attention to the area of the brain to improve the mood and mental state of the patient because it is quite obvious that the mental state can affect the results of the treatment and can alter the physiology of the body.

We always treat both partners even though one of the partners may not have any problem. It does not matter if they are a man or a woman. We always treat both for a very simple reason: to create a new life you need both participants. There was this paradigm that the strong sperm will fertilize the egg. But now we know successful fertilization also depends on the egg. Both elements must be balanced and aligned and must be naturally strong to create a new life.

We have seen a global increase in Autism rates. Can you tell me about your work with Autistic clients and some of the results you have seen with Bioqr™ ?

Our experience with autism is good. There is no cure or reversal. So far as I know, there is not one single cure for the condition in the Autism spectrum. Autism is not one disease. There is a spectrum of symptoms that belong to what we call functional Autism or Autism Spectrum. What we can do is alleviate some of the symptoms like reducing self-aggression and increasing attention span; we can help the patient to reduce emotional outbursts that are very common and the neurological ticks of the patients. We can also help with some physical conditions that the patients acquire due to the original condition.

Bioqr™ is something that can really help parents. In the case that you have a child who really cannot participate in daily life and is a huge burden for the family if you can improve the condition by 10-30%, this is a great thing for the patient. We have had some autistic clients who have gained independence after a series of treatments (3-5 treatments in 6 months). They start to listen when they are exposed to communication with teachers and other children or the parents themselves. This can make a huge difference in the patient’s quality of life. Parents and caregivers can learn how to do this therapy at home, and this really empowers families. They are not powerless anymore.

There is no cure for Autism. We don’t know what causes Autism. There are many ideas. We know that it is a developmental problem, a problem of an abundance of neurons in the prefrontal cortex, but there are also many other elements that are involved in the development of Autism. There is not just one cause but many causes that play at once. Due to our incapacity to understand what causes Autism, unfortunately, we can not develop suitable drugs or treatments. What we are doing at the moment is using psychiatric drugs that were not originally placed on the market to treat Autism. We are essentially drugging the condition, not curing it. If you see on the internet parents who claim that they have cured their children of Autism using diet or other means, the improvements they are seeing are perhaps similar to what we are doing, but they are not curing Autism. The child will not go back to the common cognition or state of mind. Sometimes we want to do the best for our children, and sometimes we like to imagine things, or it’s simply a situation where the person has a symptom that belongs to the Autism Spectrum, but it is not originally Autism. And so, it was triggered by something else. If you remove the symptoms, it doesn’t mean that it was the Autism itself.

When it comes to Autism, we organize groups in our non-profit organizations in Hong Kong and Thailand. At these two centers, we provide treatment and education, and we have a plan to create an educational program that will be delivered to the parents, caregivers, and therapists so that they can do it on their own.

What is the end result of this therapy? This is something we plan to research and hopefully give us significant results that will be recognized by the medical practice. Bioqr™ is not a substitute for other medical practices, nor do I personally push in that direction. But one thing for sure is that all good non-invasive treatments can greatly improve the results of classic, invasive allopathic medicine. In some cases, we can have a better result. This cooperation with classical medical treatments can greatly improve results. In the case of Autism, this is not so because there is currently nothing on the market that is actually treating the Autism disorder.

See a descriptive video regarding Biotherapy Asia’s work with Autism and client testimonial (enable subtitles) HERE.

What benefit is there to learning this therapy if a parent has a child with an ongoing medical condition?

If it’s not a chronic disease and something we know that can be solved from the medical perspective, there is no need to learn how to do the therapy. The patient can simply come to the group therapy sessions at one of our clinics, and they will have a result to a certain extent and a certain interval of time. But, if we are dealing with a chronic disease or genetic disorder (just to make it clear, we cannot reverse genetic diseases), we can maintain the symptoms of some genetic diseases. In that case, it’s very beneficial to learn the methods because the parents can maintain the condition.

I can give one example: In the case of hemophilia (a genetic disorder where the coagulation of the blood is not proper, so the patient could potentially bleed to death if they get cut), it can affect the children and lead to social interaction issues, or it can lead to some mental conditions. It is a great burden for the whole family and society. If you can teach the parents to do this therapy to maintain the condition with limited medication or without the medication, then the parents have a remedy that they can apply in the home environment that can have very good medical results. In the end, you help the patient, empower the family, and help society in general.

Fever and rash are very common in young children. How can Bioqr™ help with these conditions specifically?

When we talk of high fever, if the child doesn’t respond to medication or other remedies, in this case, we can reduce the fever to a normal scale that will not be damaging to the patient. If you apply this therapy to a rash, you will have a much faster healing time. It’s quite possible you will not need to use as much or any of the synthetic drugs (which do work), and your child’s immune system will become programmed to develop immunity to future infection. The child will get stronger. This is the benefit of the therapy in these cases.

Can a pregnant woman be treated for pregnancy complications like nausea, edema, high blood pressure, anxiety, sleeping issues, etc., assuming they are already engaged in a proper diet and exercise regime and want to avoid medication?

Pregnancy is not a disease. There is no need to treat the symptoms of pregnancy. But if the symptoms stay persistently after the birth of the baby, like depression, diabetes, thyroid gland disorder, high blood pressure, varicose veins, etc., in that case, of course, you can treat it. If there is a complication in the pregnancy, then you can treat it. This is can be a very helpful treatment.

Can this therapy be useful for helping with the cessation of smoking?

Yes, because smoking is an addiction to nicotine, and we see addiction as a comorbid disease where the patient finds a way to stabilize their mental condition by taking some type of substance. Generally, with substance addiction, we can help. The patient can stop smoking, but the patient must come prepared and willing to stop smoking. I have had patients whose parents brought them who did not want to stop taking the substances, and they basically had no results. The patient must be willing to go through the process.

I have found that children are very open to non-invasive methods of healing and, in particular, like to try to emulate this healing therapy. Out of curiosity, what is the youngest therapist you have trained?

When families bring children to therapy, the children are open to and interested in the work and want to try, test, and participate in it. This is all part of the child’s ‘game.’ It’s funny how the group reacts because they see the children doing the movements which are behind the therapy. Everybody really loves these moments. In one case, my son was young and wanted to help his mother, who had a headache. He was just imitating the movements of the therapy, and the headache was then gone. In bioenergetics, it is not about belief, nor is it about the mental state of the therapist or the patient; it’s all about the movements because the therapy is happening purely on a physical/biological level.

How do your own children respond to this therapy?

I’m very lucky that my children are healthy, and I’ve never had the need to help. But in the case of an earache, the therapy was very effective, and the pain went away within 15 minutes. My other son was able to avoid eye surgery by doing daily ophthalmological exercises for one year in conjunction with monthly Biotherapy sessions.

Please share with us a pregnancy-related or infant-related success story.

It is hard to emphasize one special case because there have been some really amazing cases. For example, I mentioned the case earlier with a child who had hemophilia and successful treatment. The parents were amazed because they said they had tried everything, and this is the only non-invasive therapy (besides the medical treatment) that has given a result. That really empowered the family to continue forward and to learn this methodology.

Also, we’ve had cases with tumors in children where medical procedures after surgery and chemotherapy were successful, and the result happened very fast. I also treated children with epilepsy with great success. I will never forget the case of a child with Perthes Disease. Perthes Disease is a condition where due to the low circulation of the blood in the area of the femur, the bone began to become very fragile, and in medical practice, the child had to go through frequent surgeries during growth spurts within a period of 10 years. We had a complete recovery of this condition after a few cycles of Biotherapy.

Also, the most amazing thing in energetics is distance therapy. I have treated development conditions with success, and these stories are really beautiful because when you get the response from the mother when they say, “I didn’t believe in any of this. I was just told by my friends who had results with you, and I’m really thankful and grateful because the result we have is amazing.” They are not telling stories because this was something that was diagnosed. This was something that took a year to do the checkup. When you are told that your child will not develop properly, but suddenly you have a 50% better result or 90% better result, this is a big deal for both the parent and the child.

Generally, I think that all non-invasive treatments should be completely legal. If you do not penetrate the skin and cannot harm the patient, all non-invasive treatments should be completely legalized without any research right now because it will empower the family first and secondly, you will have the result. Of course, it must be put into the medical framework so that people don’t take money for these treatments for no reason. From time to time, good treatments will stay on the market, but treatments that are purely placebo will be gone. Research in this field can reveal how these therapies work. What is the full mechanism of these treatments? We know a lot about the mechanism, but we don’t know about the exact mechanism. Maybe we can bring this treatment via other mediums and forms so that we can make these treatments more available to everybody; this is the reason why we need to do the research, not to prove that it does or does not work. Science is not about debunking treatments; it is about studying nature to improve our lives.

Relating to pregnancy, we have a lot of cases where people get pregnant after our therapy (after having tried everything else). I had a family who came for treatment, and they said that they could not have children because, due to their medical condition, they were not allowed to do invasive medical treatments because it could be damaging for them. Even after that, they had a result and now have children.

You have been working by the donation only since you began treating people 16 years ago. You did not charge a single penny from any patient. Why?

If you have a child with a condition that is not curable by classical means and the family is looking for help, and you have a price, and they cannot pay, can you say no? In my case, I cannot say no. There is no price for health; that is completely wrong. I do not think that health can be a part of the economic system. The treatment cannot be a part of the classical economic system. This should be completely separated. And we cannot sell it as a product nor talk of it in the classical sense of the markets. It is not ethical or humane. People can say whatever they want, but I will never, never have a price for treatment.

Ivan Roca is the founder of Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co. Hong Kong/Thailand and the Biotherapy Asia Foundation. To learn more information about Bioqr™ – Clinical Bioenergetic Therapy, clinics, and treatment options, visit To read another interview with Ivan Roca that delves more deeply into the methods of work and the purpose behind Biotherapy Asia and the Biotherapy Asia Foundation, read more here.

Book a donation-based Bioqr™ session HERE.

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