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December 2022 Gear Guide

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Our recommended parenting, baby, & lifestyle items for December 2022

What is in store for you this month? We have a few items that are really great for increasing hygiene on the baby front. Health, including mental health comes in many forms. Check out these great items we've come across this month.

This portable and reusable silicone placemat has a patent-pending bumper. What we love about this bumper is that it hugs the table. Not only does it contain messes and provide a clean surface for your child, it also keeps your child's wandering teething mouth from chewing the edge of restaurant tables and other surfaces that may be covered with germs and dirt. Babies will chew on anything... Simply unroll, use, contain messes, clean up easily, and roll up again for storage in your diaper bag for on-the-go use.

With probiotics being all the rage, even the experts are discussing whether or not to make probiotic treatment standard procedure for newborns in hospitals. If you have decided that you would like to introduce probiotics to your own to your child, based on your own research and discussion with your pediatrician, Culturelle offers a variety of supplements like Immune + Digestive Support with Vitamin D and Probiotics, Grow & Thrive probiotic + Vitamin D unflavored packets to add to meals, or Digestive Calm + Comfort probiotic drops that according to Culturelle may help with colic & gas as well as fussiness, digestive upset and diarrhea.

Made from 100% FDA food-grade silicone, the Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag is eco-friendly and more durable than plastic alternatives. The Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag can be used over and over again, killing harmful germs and bacteria and creating less waste for the environment! Win win! EvenFlo® offers a fantastic lineup of nursing needs as well as other baby gear.

A family that plans together, has a lot less miscommunication. These days, with so many activities, many family members have their own goals, events, commitments. How do you stay connected in a way that promotes family bonding and connectedness as well as provide a mutual support system to each other to reach long-term goals? You use a family meeting planner. It comes with instructions on how to maximize its use too and provide your family with intentional time together! Developed by a dad who is committed to keeping his family strong and connected.

Are you looking for a sweet keto snack? These are tasty....really tasty. Each keto pastry has only 3g Net Carbs, no added sugar, is gluten and dairy-free. Additionally, they are boosted with MCT oil and Collagen too! These pastries were developed by a former French Laundry pastry chef, so you know these will be good. Several flavors to choose from.

This sexual wellness play primer is a next-generation serum designed to enhance pleasure and arousal by increasing stimulation and sensation. With ingredients like CBD, aloe vera, and mushroom extracts of Shitake and Cordyceps, you know things will get interesting.

Created by moms for moms in support of postpartum needs. Choose from curated boxes designed for certain aspects of postpartum, including lactation, general birth and recovery, belly birth, and vaginal birth. Products are carefully chosen for quality and safety. With each purchase, a similar afterbirth care gift box is donated to homeless new mamas in the United States, as well as new mamas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dignity coconuts is committed to providing the best coconut products on the planet by sourcing from small-scale sustainable, organic sources in the remote Philippines and implementing sustainable business practices that support the development of the local community, brings jobs to distressed communities, and incites dignity and purpose in their employees. Dignity coconuts offers 100% organic, unrefined, centrifuge-extracted raw coconut oil, lip balms, and dry brush eco-beauty kits. Check them out!

Infant massage does wonders for soothing your baby. Kahlmi has created a special massage wand designed for daily use on infants. They promote better sleep and relaxation for baby, improved digestion, less fussiness, body, and spatial awareness, in addition to parent-baby bonding and parental confidence. Each device comes with special instructions on use for different parts of the baby's body. It also includes tips on getting started and setting the tone for regular bonding and nurturing practices with your baby. The massager has a low, gentle vibration and is made from anti-microbial, food-grade silicone. It is quiet, portable, and rechargeable. Developed by a certified infant massage therapist and mom of two and approved by pediatricians and wellness experts.

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