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Expert Reveals 5 Clothing Tips to Encourage Nursing

In the United States, about 10,000 babies are born each day, and with it starts a journey of breastfeeding for many mothers. Nursing is a beautiful and natural process that nourishes babies and often helps to increase the bond between mother and baby. However, it can also be challenging for many of those duos, and clothing is the last thing you want to hinder your experience. 

We reached out to Carrie Shaltz Haslup, design expert and founder of Tabeeze, who shares 5 clothing tips to help encourage nursing and make your journey more enjoyable and smooth. 

Choose Items That Keep Your Baby Comfortable and Secure 

Every child will develop their preferences for how they like to nurse, which will differ even among siblings! To start, ensure the garments your baby wears support a hassle-free journey and strengthen the baby-mother bond by making sure you can easily free their hands, and the clothing is made from breathable, soft fibers that will maintain your baby’s body temperature while preventing them from overheating. 

Select Clothing That Encourages Skin-to-Skin Contact 

Though skin-to-skin contact isn’t necessary every time, it has incredible benefits. Skin-to-skin increases milk letdown, helps to regulate the baby’s heart rate and body temperature, reduces crying, and even encourages a better and more natural latch. Selecting clothing that easily opens or moves aside will facilitate this contact and make nursing moments smoother and more enjoyable for both mother and baby. 

Make Sure There is Easy Access for Both Nursing and Changing 

Nursing is frequent and unpredictable initially and tends to be followed by diaper changes in the middle of the night. To help things go smoother, choose baby outfits with simple snap-on buttons, convenient zippers, or wrap designs that provide easy access for both breastfeeding and diaper changes. 

Consider Sensory and Skin Needs 

Many babies have sensitive skin or special needs, so it is essential to consider the texture and fit of clothing. For babies with sensitive skin, selecting ultra-soft fabrics that are gentle and reduce irritation and discomfort is especially important. This clothing will reduce the likelihood of them being distracted or distressed during breastfeeding. 

Select Items That Encourage Tactile Exploration 

Last but not least, babies love to touch and feel during breastfeeding. This exploration enhances bonding and stimulates their senses. Ensure you select clothing that doesn’t restrict your baby’s hands and allows them to connect with your body. 

Remember You Need to Be Comfortable, Too 

Finally, remember that mothers need to be comfortable too. Babies can sense stress and discomfort, so choose attire that is nursing-friendly, such as tops with easy breast access, and avoid dresses that are not nursing-friendly.

Nursing can be stressful, but remember that every person has their own journey, and take it day by day; you and your baby will figure out what works best for you both!

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