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Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Do you need some unique last-minute Father's Day gift ideas? Whether Dad likes fun or functional, we have some ideas for you...


Spend a day in the forest or a day at the beach. Get outside on a nature break with Dad to bond and reconnect as a family. Breathe some fresh air, get a little bit of grounding/earthing going, and enjoy mother nature's natural rejuvenation. The great thing about nature is that, in many cases, it is pretty accessible. Visit a local city park, a national park, the beach, or even the local hotel lobby atrium. Depending on whether you are in the city or the country, you may have to get creative. You may just have to visit the garden section at the local grocery and pick out a new houseplant together. Many locations have local hiking trails, rose gardens, or botanical gardens. If you are not sure about what is available in your area, check with your local visitor's center. If you really want to surprise Dad while out in nature, bring along something he can use right away, like fun board shorts for a beach day or a cool new water bottle for your hike.


When it comes to custom cards and photo books, there are a lot of options like Canva, Shutterfly, and Mpix, to name a few. Most companies offer a discount for first-time users of the platform! If you want same-day photo books, check out your local CVS.


Melt Dad's heart with a fresh painting from your little. Whether it is creating the artwork together or presenting it to Dad with a big sticky grin, Dad will get a good smile out of this gift.


Restore, clean, and protect your leather products with this non-toxic formula. Available as cream or wipes and offers six months of protection for your leather goods.

Recover, perform, and excel with the Firefly Recovery Pack. Improve recovery time after your exercise routine by utilizing the circulation-enhancing effects of this recovery device. When worn as instructed, micro-currents stimulate tiny movements in your limbs that increase blood circulation and thus result in a speedier recovery time with less soreness and increased muscle flexibility. Easy to wear.

Whether for use on eyeglasses, computer screens, countertops, automobiles, or windows, these specialty cleaning cloth brings out the best in your gear or surface. They also clean up messes like magic. Keep in the kitchen, the office, the garage, and the car. Use with plain water! How convenient!

Insulating marino wool-blend graduated compression socks are knee-high with reinforced heels and toes. Graduated compression reduces fatigue and swelling in the legs and improves blood circulation. Great for workout support or post-workout recovery. Unisex design.

Where do you put the wet or sweaty garment when you are on the go? Grab a STNKY bag! Keep one in the gym bag and one in the car, and transport those stinky threads to the laundry without offending the noses of anyone around you, and keep your other belongings fresh and unaffected. Machine washable.

Add the power of Amazonian fruits and botanicals to your shaving session. The set includes Natura Homem Cleansing Gel, Natura Homem Shaving Cream (great for sensitive skin), After Shave Balm, and an eco-friendly gift box designed by Brazilian artist William Santiago.

THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK I WILL READ TO YOU, written by Francesco Sedita and illustrated by Magenta Fox, is a unique picture book that describes the feeling of reading to your little one for the first time. Learn about parental bonds that are forged through bedtime rituals and the early days of parenting a newborn.

If Dad loves to drink fresh juices, then PURE cold-press juicer is key to fresh-squeezed liquid satisfaction. PURE cold-pressed juicer yields up to 50% more juice than other juicers on the market. Financing options are available for this item that the whole family can enjoy.

Happy Father's Day!

Cover photo by Josh Willink

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