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Give Your Child a Story They Won’t Forget

Updated: Nov 29, 2022


Young children often like to be the center of attention. They like to know people care for them or are thinking about them. One way to surely delight your child is to introduce a customized book to them.

The following book publishers have developed custom books tailored to your child’s specifics. Your toddler will be so happy when they see their name written in big letters in the books, see their home at the end of the story, or have a storybook character tell them a personal message. For an extra special gift idea, check out one of these options for custom children’s books: I See Me With the personalized collection of stories by I See Me, kids read tales about themselves and their loved ones, so they are excited to crack open a book! With such customized titles as “The Night Before Christmas,” “My Magical Snowman,” and “My Hanukkah Bear,” I See Me offers unique gifts that make the holidays unique and special. Lost My Name Founded by three fathers and an uncle, Lost My Name is on a mission to help grownups create magical experiences for children. This series of books allows you to customize a book for your child. Enjoy custom stories like the tale of an intergalactic journey that ultimately ends up at your doorstep or an adventure to find your child’s name. Lost My Name offers several different customizable stories. Check out the full offerings and find the perfect gift on their website. Kids Heritage Kids Heritage Inc. offers a few personalized titles tailored specifically to teaching your child about the world. You can supply details, like your child’s photo and birthday, in ABC’s Around the World, where the story will include your child’s very own faux passport. They visit different countries and learn about where they are a citizen. Other titles include cooking and sleigh ride themes. Put Me in the Story Put Me in the Story offers a unique twist on custom children’s books by allowing your child’s name to appear in books featuring recognizable cartoon and movie characters. Several books are available by theme, holiday, etc.

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