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Good Reads - Spring 2023

Spring is in the air! And what a line-up of books we have for you. We have something for everyone, from gardens and changing seasons to children's emotions and evaluating your parenting style as it changes over the years. We even have a memoir and other glimpses of history tucked into this list. Hop on in! Happy spring reading!


Author: Meera Sriram

Illustrator: Sandhya Prabhat

ISBN: 9780593465882, (4-8 years)

Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers (Apr. 18, 2023)

In this lovely cultural tale, a mother and daughter share family memories and stories as they apply henna to the girl's hands before a wedding.

Author/Illus.: Bianca Pozzi

ISBN-13: 9780593522912, (3-5 years)

RiseX Penguin Workshop, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC (Apr. 4, 2023)

When a child is feeling down, she encounters a dog in need. The newfound friendship provides her with meaning and a sense of belonging as she works through her feelings.

Author: Becky Scharnhorst

Illustrator: Jaclyn Sinquett

ISBN-13: 9780593205228, (4-8 years)

Flamingo Books, an imprint of Random House LLC (2023)

A hilarious and endearing back-to-school story that encourages conversation with your little one as they see how tricky it can be to get an octopus ready to go to school. Children will seek out unique details in the artwork. Where is the octopus now? Will it get to school?

Author: Ryan G. Van Cleave

Illustrator: Đốm Đốm Bushel & Peck Books

ISBN: 9781638191254, (6-9 years)

Cuento de Luz; 1st edition (Apr., 2022)

Some trees have been around for ages! Have you ever wondered what a tree has experienced in its lifetime? Learn about the history some very old trees have witnessed. Find out which tree lived in Sir Isaac Newton's yard or which one was given as a gift during an important event. This creative book brings history and perspective alive for children. It also teaches children awareness about caring for these growing pieces of history.

Author/Illus.: Eric Carle

ISBN: 9780593523575, (2-4 years)

World of Eric Carle (Jan. 17, 2023)

What is the very hungry caterpillar up to on Easter? It's going on an easter egg hunt! Help the very hungry caterpillar find all of the eggs.

Author: Anna Dewdney

Illustrator: JT Morrow

ISBN: 9780593465097, (0-3 years)

Viking (Feb. 7, 2023)

Learn about shapes, working together, family bonding, the farmers market and all of the fruits and vegetables available, and more in this delightful story.

Author: Katrina Moore

Illustrator: Melissa Iwai

ISBN: 9780593323854, (3-7 years)

Publisher (Mar. 7, 2023)

A young girl grows a garden while a baby grows in mama's belly. This sweet spring story is a gentle introduction to the ideas of spring, patience, gardening, and babies.

Author/Illus.: Minh Lê and Raissa Figueroa

ISBN-13: 9780593377499, (4-8 years)

Knopf Books for Young Readers (May 2, 2023)

Children often have temporary imaginary friends. This story examines the special relationship a child has with their temporary friend and the experience and emotions they may go through when they lose this friend. What if the imaginary friend never forgets the child? Children learn about the excitement of discovering new friends in time.

Author: Tyler Barnett

ISBN-13: 9798377213192, (3-8 years)

Kindle (Feb. 9, 2022)

Not only does this book help children sleep easier with a relaxation exercise, but it also is filled with very clever imagery of illustrations combined with folded origami animals! Help your child find nightly inner peace before drifting off into dreamland. As a bonus, they may even become inspired to fold an origami creature.

Author: Bethany Hamilton

Illustrator: Martin Moron

ISBN-13: 9781955550178, (4 - 10 years)

BRAVE Books (Jan. 1, 2022)

With the help of her friends, Olivia moves past an arm injury to compete in a surfing competition. She learns about the power of overcoming fear with effort and seeking advice from those who are capable of helping her reach her goals. At the end of the book, continue the fun with discussion points and a challenge on fear and bravery that your child can participate in.

Author: Lezlie Evans

Illustrator: Kate Chappell

ISBN: 9781801292269, (3-5 years)

Welbeck Children's (Oct. 18, 2022)

What happens when someone blasts through a crowd without being polite? CHAOS! In this story, the Little Red Jeep learns how kindness, consideration, and politeness are much better than creating chaos for everyone. And, when there is an accident, how to make amends.

Author: Susan Rose & Silvia Lopez

Illustrator: Gloria Félix

ISBN-13: 9780593521175, (5-7 years)

Penguin Workshop (Apr. 25, 2023)

Learn English and Spanish together seamlessly in this clever story about a boy and how he interacts with his lovable rescue dog.

Author: Tiffany Hammond

Illustrator: Kate Cosgrove

ISBN-13: 9781736949795, (4-8 years)

Wheat Penny Press (May 9, 2023)

Explore the bond between a mother and her autistic child who communicate throughout the day using no words. Instead, they use a tablet device. Non-verbal communication is a very important part of overall communication. Some people communicate this way more than others, and this book sheds a gentle light on this fact for children.

Author: Ted Maass

Illustrator: Ekaterina Trukhan

ISBN-13: 9780593522974 (moms)

ISBN-13: 9780593522998 (dads)

Grosset & Dunlap (March 14, 2023), (0-3 years)

There are so many opportunities in this life. Why limit what you can do? If you are capable, do it! These books help to expand a child's ideas about what is possible.

Author/Illus.: Chad Otis

ISBN-13: 9780593530627, (4-8 years)

Rocky Pond Books (Feb. 21, 2023)

Moving through difficult situations can be a lot easier if one seeks out the silver lining. Look on the bright side to change a tricky situation like this young boy who lives on a bus with his family, bathes in nature, and is unsure about his next meal. He teaches his classmates how to look on the bright side when a situation arises.

Author: Bob Shea

Illustrator: Brian Won

ISBN: 9780593325933

Adurable (Aug. 30, 2022)

(0-3 years)

Author: Deborah Stainton & Emma Kruger

Illustrator: Keenan Hopson

ISBN: 9780593325933,

A Riff Raff Baby Production (Aug. 30, 2022)

Different bedtime animals to choose from.


Author: Catherine Read, Ph.D

ISBN: 9781952166099

Bell Pond Books (November 2021)

Explore the Steiner-Waldorf classroom curriculum for use in the home with the experience of Catherine Read, Ph.D. She takes you through day-to-day examples of integrating creativity, nature, and rhythm into a home lesson plan. This title adapts Read's life experience of the Steiner-Waldorf methods to real-life, homeschooling K-12 instruction.

Author: Raymond L. Marik

ISBN: 978-1663234452

iUniverse (2022)

A former marine operating engineer, 82nd airborne paratrooper, special ops Army Ranger, and entrepreneur shares a memoir with all the proceeds dedicated to raising money for the children of fallen special operations soldiers. This memoir explores the peaks and valleys of the many professions he has enjoyed working in throughout his lifetime. One of the professions was teaching special education with methods he adapted from his extensive and active life experience.

Author: Froujke M. Matthews

ISBN: 978-982295561

Balboa Press, a division of Hay House (Rev. Sept. 9, 2022)

After the COVID pandemic, many parents have opted to homeschool their children. Froujke Matthews elaborates on 30 years of experience with Montessori to benefit parents who wish to adapt their child's environment to facilitate effective growth, mindful interactions, and an inspired educational experience.

Author: Nina Lightdale-Miric, MD & Sarah Tuberty, OTD, OTR/L

This book provides guidance for parents and caregivers of children with hand differences. Gain insight into available surgery, therapies, and other methodologies that help to maximize the potential of these children as well as help with navigating through the available options.

This publication is supported by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand (AFSH), and all proceeds will support the research, education, and outreach efforts of AFSH.

Author: Maranda Bower

ISBN: 9781667875866

Postpartum University (Jan. 4, 2023)

A shift in postpartum understanding is needed; this book brings what is needed to the awareness of every new parent. Addressing support, nutrition, the nervous system, and more to help mom return to her body and parent from a more healed and meaning-filled place.

Author: Marjie Hadad

ISBN-13: 9781958714645

Muse Literary (Apr. 4, 2023)

Marjie Hadad is a public relations expert who has used her professional skills to raise her three children. Learn how hiccups in the professional career can bring about useful lessons in other aspects of life, including parenting. Support and instill self-esteem in your child through step-by-step exercises and a fresh parenting approach.

Author: Kim West, MSW, and her Gentle Sleep Team

ISBN: 9781637741566

Ben Bella Books (2023)

This book is an easy-to-follow guide for parents of newborns to help families get a good night's sleep without resorting to a "cry it out" scenario. Gentle approaches to infant sleep foster a secure connection between parent and newborn. Plus, discover factors that influence your newborn's sleep behaviors and how developmental milestones from 0-5 months influence your baby's sleep patterns.

Author: Roger Smith, MD.

ISBN: 9781664262918

Westbow Press (June 12, 2022)

Dr. Roger Smith shows that the parent/child relationship can be fantastic by shifting your approach. Renew the relationship with your child by influencing versus controlling and set them up with positive patterns for success in life. Lay a secure foundation for a loving relationship with your child while encouraging a win-win reality. This title progresses from birth to teenage years.

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