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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

by: K. Ponder

You know what items you need on a daily basis. If you were stuck on an island all alone, what three luxury items would you choose to bring with you?

I have packed my hospital bag twice. Both times I overpacked. All I needed was my regular purse, lip balm, toiletries for brushing my teeth, some soft socks and an outfit to wear home. There were also the essential baby. The baby car seat and the outfit to bring them home in. Nothing else was required. I did not use the birth plan the first time. However, the second time it was followed to a T. The key is to know what your EXPECTATIONS of your birth experience are (assuming delivery goes normally.) Baby’s do have a tendency to change the best laid plans.

If you are in doubt about what to pack, check with your birth center to see what supplies they provide for mom and baby during the stay. Some hospitals provide the basics for you. These items may include:

Sanitary pads, large mesh underwear, numbing gel, tucks pads, a squirt bottle, as well as delivery and nursing robes for mom. Items provided for baby may include: diapers, blankets, a sleeper, thermometer, nose sucker and a spoon. Some even provide a shirt or two with the institutions marketing on them. Worse case, if you show up with nothing, you should be covered with the basics. 

Following is a list of useful items to pack. Depending on your delivery schedule and recovery expectations you may want more, or fewer items. Generally, the longer the planned stay, the more entertainment items you may like to have on hand for the awake hours: music, DVD’s, games, etc.

Going to Hospital Checklist

___ Identification Card / Insurance Card

___ Lip balm

___ Breath mints/ Hard candy

___ Cozy socks

___ An outfit for you. (Think your size at 6 mo. pregnant)

___ Eye care if needed (glasses) contact solution

___ Toothbrush and other overnight toiletries

___ Loose fitting underwear to accommodate thick pads

___ Snack for you and/ or dad

___ Hair band/brush

___ Outfit for baby to wear home

___ Birth plan written out (specifics, vaccinations, who cuts the cord, circumcision choice, pain management choice, special requests, etc.)

___ Music

Sometimes the hospital stay may be several days. TV’s are often provided but they do not always have service. You will be sleeping as much as possible.

This is IMPORTANT, having a playlist for labor will allow you to look back and remember some of the beautiful moments when you hear the songs again.

___ Instructions for the placenta if keeping it for encapsulation (with contact numbers for pickup.)

___ Charged camera and phone

___ List of people to call with baby news.

___ Car Seat for baby, properly installed in vehicle.

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