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Mom Hair Made Easy

By Jill Kelsey

Everyone is familiar with the mom bun. It's easy, it's super quick. You may have even slept in it overnight and maybe just tightened it a little when you woke up. No judgment here. We know what the early days of mothering are all about, and it is not good hair. That being said, if you need a refreshed look for the new year or just have a desire for a more put-together new mama look, check out these professional ideas and brands that we have put together for you to help take your new-mom hair game to the next level.

Master stylist and colorist, Lazaro Lambertucci offers the following hair advice:

A low-maintenance cut or style to stay on trend -- For a haircut that lasts longer, I highly recommend symmetrical cuts without too many layers. These cuts require less upkeep and touch-ups, keeping the look effortless and beautiful. Haircuts with lots of layers tend to need more returns to the professional to keep the style.

Best "get up and go" style -- A trending style for the Fall that is great for a busier lifestyle is a bob. For the fall, blunt, shorter cuts are very trendy, making upkeep and style easy to manage.

The most versatile style for stretching the time between washings -- Daily hair cleansing is very important, both for the beauty of the hair and for the health of the scalp. I do not recommend that you go more than 3 days without washing. A suggestion to keep your hair safe from getting dirty faster is to keep it tied up.

Image by Kevin.Murphy - The spiked ballerina bun was spotted backstage at 3.1 Phillip Lim's New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 Runway show. KEVIN.MURPHY STYLE/COLOR.MASTER, Leland Olson, reenvisioned the effortless ballerina bun with a modern edge with spikes to embody the power of a strong New York woman.

“This look was all about creating an effortless ballerina bun with an edge, while chic and slick, so we used HAIR.RESORT Beach Texturizer and Curl Enhancer for a little bit of grip and TOUCHABLE Spray Wax Finishing Hairspray to piece out the spikes. The look comes from twisting a ponytail into a bun, leaving out the ends to really show the flicks of hair.” - Leland Olson

In addition to getting a fuss-free cut or style, you can also use the right products or practices to save yourself time and improve the overall health of your hair.

Hair time-savers

Utilize your downtime and sleep time for non-heat hair styling. Morning Glamour has a full line of products geared towards nighttime hair styling, from satin pillowcases and hair ties to their satin heatless curler, that will revive your beauty sleep regime. Even if it is interrupted by that sweet little baby voice...

Photo by Morning Glamour - Satin Heatless Curler

Form natural-looking curls while you sleep with this kit. The kit includes 1 Satin heatless curler, 1 Hair clip, and 2 satin scrunchies.

Are you always carrying a hairband around your wrist? If so, you may as well switch that up a little bit with these clever bands. Introducing K’lani: hair tie bracelets (below) that are cute enough for your wrist and strong enough for your hair. Whether wearing them as jewelry to complement your outfit or using them to pull your hair back to run errands, K’lani is where fashion meets function. This woman-owned business weaves a little bit of aloha into each hair tie. Available on Amazon.

Choose the right hair products

Do a little research on your hair type. If anything, stop into your local salon and ask one of the stylists about your hair type. Then, be sure to choose a product based on your hair type. Generic brands may be less expensive, but they may also contain a lot of ingredients that, say, weigh fine hair down or maybe are not so great for curly or ethnic hair. You may have already found your favorite products. Just be sure to switch it up every so often with another brand or hair detox mask to remove product buildup that can leave your hair looking far from its best. For natural or wig hair, check out Esha Girl, Natural Cury Hydrating Conditioner, and other items designed to nourish, hydrate, revitalize, and define curls.

A little leave-in conditioner, detangling spray, or dry shampoo can also go a long way to extend the life of your hair between washings.

Keep your hair healthy with nutrition

Hair loss is common in postpartum, but it doesn't have to be that way. Hair loss in postpartum is usually attributed to hormonal changes and fluctuations. However, if you ensure that you are eating foods appropriate for postpartum recovery, you will also make sure that your body is absorbing the nutrients that are needed to stabilize hormones, help you sleep better, and continue to grow healthy hair. Maranda Bower, the founder of Postpartum University, is an expert in this arena. Check out our interview with Maranda Bower for more information on this important topic.

Above all, remember, as a new mama, you are not being judged on your hair. Tidying it up can, however, bring a boost to your overall energy levels. Good luck, Mama. We love you! You are doing amazing no matter what your hair is saying to the world. We just hope these tips help you!

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