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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2023

Do you need a last minute Mother's Day Gift? According to one report, one in three people plan to give mom some type of self-care beauty item for Mother's Day. And, up to 30% of these mama's are happy to receive this type of gift. What other options might you have? Here are a few inspiring ideas. And yes, we have also included a beauty item or two.

We know every mama can use a little help. In her book, Unraveling Motherhood: Understanding Your Experience Through Self-Reflection, Self-Care & Authenticity, Geraldine Walsh helps mom through the transformative experience of becoming a mother and touches on topics like:

  • Mental and emotional changes

  • Importance of a good boundary as well as flexible thinking

  • Identity before and after motherhood

  • Expectations versus reality when it comes to motherhood

  • Developing healthy habits for holistic self-compassion

  • Identifying outside influences that may affect perceptions of motherhood


Cut flowers are always a win. However, the downside is that they typically do not last that long. Rosepops has a solution to that problem. This mom-founded small business is based in NYC. They offer handmade Ecuadorian preserved florals that can survive over a year. You can choose scent or color to personalize your order. Several options and price points are available.

A lightweight facial mask that helps brighten skin by gently stripping away oil and impurities and leaving skin moisturized and smooth.

  • Great for oily and eczema-prone skin

  • Non-greasy feel

  • Use weekly to fight dark spots and acne and maintain a healthy glow

  • Available at major retailers

The Birth Flower Necklace makes for a perfect gift for mom. GLAZD JEWELS offers luxury, tarnish-free, stainless steel jewelry. These pieces are hypoallergenic. Choose from a collection of affordable rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

If you are looking for an organic fair-trade, skincare product, Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan offers natural skin-care products designed for all skin types. These are affordable beauty products that leaves mom feeling divine and glowing. We really like the jasmine/lavender offerings.

For luxurious, minimalist skincare, we choose Dovanu Cosmetics Nilotica Silk Facial and Body Nourishing Balm, which is crafted to provide superior hydration and nourishment for all skin types.

  • Good for sensitive skin, including baby's skin

  • Packed with powerful antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins

  • 100% plastic free packaging

  • 100% pesticide-free nilotica shea butter

If a new swimsuit wasn't fun enough, this bright dopamine-inducing artwork by Xanadu is sure to have mom feeling great. Choose from several exciting designs with high-quality, quick-drying silky-mesh fabric. Hand-washing is recommended.

Take a load off, Mom! Relax and relieve every day aches and pains with the hand-sewn,100% cotton fabric Magic Bag hot/cold compress. The inside of the bag is filled with organic Canadian grains that are picked for an ideal release of moist heat. Moist heat penetrates the muscles more quickly for fast pain relief.

  • Available in various sizes and shapes

  • Great for all ages, purposes, and different body areas

  • Aid with cramps and postpartum recovery

Cover photo by Rose Dudley

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