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National Book Month

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Autumn Book List - Our favorite books for this autumn!

By Jill Kelsey

With National Book Month being October, what better way to celebrate than our autumn reading lineup? Check out these current and upcoming titles we have discovered. We think that you and your children will enjoy them!

Some of these gems will be available later in the month, so be sure to note the release date of these titles. Happy reading!


Author: Reese Witherspoon

Illustrator: Xindi Yan

ISBN: 9780593465882

Flamingo Books (Oct. 4, 2022)

(3 - 7 years)

Author: C.K. Malone

Illustrator: Alejandra Barajas

ISBN-13: 978-150648405100-00

Beaming Books (Sept. 6, 2022)

(4 - 12 years)

Author: Susanne König

A Tummy Time Book

ISBN-13: 978-0593403518

Philomel Books (Nov. 8, 2022)

(0 - 3 years)

Title: Silence

Author: Nívola Uyá

ISBN-13: 978-8418302886

Cuento de Luz; 1st edition (Oct. 18, 2022)

(4 - 10 years)

Author: Jessika von Innerebner

Digital ASIN: B09PR8BLHH

Dial Books (Oct. 4, 2022)

(5 - 8 years)

Author: Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan

ISBN-13: 978-0593463901

Viking Books for Young Readers (Oct. 18, 2022)

(4 - 8 years)

Author: Katy S. Duffield

Illustrator: Jen Corace

ISBN: 9780593204603

Viking Books for Young Readers (Oct. 16, 2022) (3 - 7 years)

Author: Tim Kleyn

ISBN-13: 9780593404294

Viking Books for Young Readers (Aug. 30, 2022)

(4 - 8 years)

Author: Nicole LaRue

ISBN-13: 9781423661696

Gibbs Smith (Oct. 4, 2022)

(0 - 3 years)

Author/Illus.: Nancy Paris

ISBN-13: 9780578316888

Nencil the Pencil LLC (Nov.17, 2021)

Title: Patchwork

Author: Matt de la Peña

Illustrator: Corinna Luyken

ISBN-13: 9781984813961

G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (Aug. 30, 2022)

(4 - 8 years)

Author: Kaitlyn Wells

Illustrator: Sawyer Cloud

ISBN-13: 9780593403792

Flamingo Books (May 31, 2022)

(4 - 8 years)

Author: J. Donnini

Illustrator: Luke Scriven

ISBN-13: 9781638190899

Bushel & Peck Books (May 24, 2022)

(3 - 6 years)

Author/Illus.: Philip C. Stead

ISBN-13: 9780593375082

Doubleday Books for Young Readers (April 5, 2022)

(3 - 7 years)


Author: Meenal Lele

Forward: Cezmi Akdis, MD.

ISBN: 9780593421024

Avery, an imprint of Penguin/Random House; (Sept. 6, 2022).

How to care for your baby by paying special attention to their microbiome during the important first 1000 days of life.

Author: Lina Jabbari

ISBN-13: 978-1527282674 ‏

Satisfy your sweet tooth in a more wholesome and healthy way.

Author: Frederike Fabritius

Forward: Scott Barry Kaufman PhD

ISBN: 9780593421024

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (Oct. 11, 2022)

Retain your workforce talent with a science-based approach that uses the latest in neuroscience to bring satisfaction to the workplace.

Author: Harvey Karp, M.D.

ISBN-13: 9780553393231

Bantam; 2nd Revised, Updated ed. Edition (Oct. 6, 2015)

The latest version of one of the best-selling parent guides. Celebrating 20 yrs.

Author: Xaviera Plooij

ISBN-13: 9781682686713

Countryman Press (Mar. 29, 2022)

This book and companion app will let you know what is coming in your baby's early development.

Author: Pam Allyn, Ernest Morrell

ISBN-13: 9781338832341

Scholastic Professional; 2nd edition (Feb. 4, 2022)

Strengthen and empower children for a lifetime of joyful reading.

Author: Grace O, Mark A. Rosenberg MD

ISBN-13: 9781510768604

Skyhorse (Aug. 23, 2022)

Spice up your meals, and improve your health at the same time!

Author: Richard Matzkin

(Aug. 2022)

A book on love from the male perspective. Why? Because men love differently than women.

Author: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA

ISBN-13: 9781433833847

APA LifeTools; 1st edition (July 26, 2022)

Postpartum is not just physical; it is mental! Tackle this time with perspectives that not all breastfeeding guides share with new mothers.

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