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Spring/Summer 2024 Gear & Gifts

This spring, we are doing things a little bit differently with the gear and gift guides. We are in the middle of a brand redesign, so we have combined our guides to bring you our latest finds in gear and gifts for Mom, Dad, and Baby. Pick and choose your combos for convenience, fun, and shock value...

Check out the gear we found for you!

This adorable soother from Love by Emi is great for little ones to snuggle with. What makes this lovey different is the relaxing sounds it provides. This white noise plushie is made from soft fleece material that is BPA-free and allergy-free. For newborns, it is best for playtime and not for use during sleep. Older children can sleep with it. The plushie also has a pacifier clip. The soundbox is stored safely in the head of the plushie behind a hidden zipper. This soundbox is adjustable and has sensors that can be placed into the ears to activate the sounds (Brahms Lullaby/white noise/womb heartbeat). Remove before washing. We also love that 10% of their profits are donated annually to Children's Charities! Available in different styles. Shown is White Tiger, the most popular choice.

When you are preparing for birth, the Perimom perineal massager will be just the tool for you. The thoughtful curved design was carefully created to allow moms to do their own perineal massage while also preventing problems with reaching around the belly. The device has a built-in channel that allows for the flow of lubricating oils. They suggest a companion oil that is available when you purchase. Prevent mess and wrist strain with this handy birth prep tool that you can use on your own, discretely.

Have allergies got you down? Xlear®, the brand that brings you your favorite xylitol gum, also makes a line of Xlear® Sinus Care and Spray Dental Defense products. Help relieve congestion and clean and protect your sinuses with the Xlear® Natural Saline Nasal Spray and other available options. We love that this sinus-clearing option is drug-free and does not have the same adverse effects that other brands on the market may have.

Seek your elevated fashion basics at Taylor Jay. Their product offerings provide inclusive, sustainable, elegant comfort and style. Choose from handbags, tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpers. Feel confident in these pieces. For Taylor Jay, confidence is the ultimate accessory. Pictured above is the convertible Crossbody TJ Bag, which features an understated red wine color created for versatility. The unique cylindrical shape with a circular zip top makes this a stand-out accessory piece that easily fits your daily necessities -- even if that includes a pacifier, a mama snack, and a spare diaper. ;)

Sometimes, as a mother, you need to remind yourself just how strong you really are. Mothering can be tough! It requires a lot of selflessness, time, dedication, love, drive, self-motivation, and more. These hats bring a little style into the functional day-to-day mom experience and serve as a consistent reminder of the strength you are exhibiting. Available in several styles and colors.

 MAM has been providing baby products since 1976. They have a brilliant selection of soothing orthodontic pacifiers, easy-to-clean anti-colic bottles, nipples, cups, nursing products, oral care, teethers, newborn products, and essential item sets. Baby needs change as they age, so when you are looking for a pacifier for a certain age range, you will find it with MAM. Items are designed with quality in mind by a team of experts. Read more about the specifics of materials, quality, safety, and sustainability on the MAM website.

We love Broken Top Brands. This spring, we are especially excited to introduce some of their outdoor items that will help you control mosquitoes in your area! Broken Top Brands offers a great selection of nicely scented citronella candles and area sprays that will directly address your mosquito problem. They also offer many other great products, from bath products to home fragrances to outdoor space enhancement. Check out their full lineup online and you will find an item for any event. We especially enjoy this high-quality brand and the fragrance pairings that they offer.

Vegan - Phthalate-Free - Paraben-Free - Hand Poured

Take the stress of bathing a newborn out of the picture. Anglecare® Bath Support is designed to provide peace of mind with an ergonomic design that supports babies during bath time. The soft materials are gentle on the baby's skin and provide an anti-slip surface. Anglecare® 2-in-1 is designed for babies up to 26 pounds. This tub drains easily and dries quickly, making cleanup a breeze. It can be used in the bathtub or as a stand-alone device with anti-slip feet.

Address baby boogies and other goobers safely with oogiebear®. Nina Farzin, PhD and CEO of oogiebear®, created her own line of safe and doctor-approved baby products that are easy to use and sanitize—especially important when it comes to boogies! The kit also includes teeth-care tools to help get the baby started on the right foot with comfortable oral care.

FurZapper® Pet Hair Remover

Pet hair is one of the most difficult things to clean up from clothing and the home. FurZapper® is a great tool for pulling pet hair from clothing during the laundering process, greatly reducing the problem of pet fur everywhere! Put the FurZapper®, along with the clothing, into the washer and the dryer. The hair will be loosened from the clothing and attracted to the FurZapper®. The hair will then be directed either down the drain or into the lint bin. Voila! Fur problems solved! One note for heavy hair: you may need to use the FurZapper® to wipe up any hair left at the bottom of the wash basin. Then, rinse separately. We recently tested this product on 1/2 loads of new puppy and mother dog bedding with really great results. The final bedding was fresh and fur-free.

We love the mushroom liquid double extracts from Life cykel™. Conveniently add them to your daily routine to discover the biohacking health benefits of mushrooms. We like the Biohacker Set for Energy, Sleep, Focus, Immunity, Hair, Skin, Nails, and a source of Antioxidants.

The set includes:

  • Lion's Mane - Cognitive function & sleep

  • Chaga - Immune function, energy & anti-aging

  • Reishi - Immune function & sleep

  • Turkey Tail - Immune function & healthy gut

  • Shiitake - Hair, skin & nails

As with any supplement, be sure to work with your healthcare provider to make sure they are a good fit for you.

This revolutionary all-in-one sleeping system is designed for convenience and coziness. The built-in crib sheet fits most portable cribs and cots. KozSak features a sheet, blanket, and quilt top that are ingeniously sewn together so that your little one stays comfortable all night long with the adjustable layers that stay in place. As a bonus, blankets do not go missing, either! We suggest this item for use with toddlers and preschoolers.

Do you want to keep your kitchen smelling fresh? Compost Genie® may be just the kitchen accessory for you. Whether you are making baby food from scratch or have a lot of vegetables and fruit scraps, compost genie can contain those pieces and smells in a convenient, durable stainless steel system. The enclosed system offers a hands-free foot pedal, a ventilation system with a carbon filter, removable and washable parts, and large-capacity compostable bags. Integrate this system into any modern kitchen by choosing from white, black, or silver.

Crayola has a new venture, Crayola Fowers, which works directly with nonprofits. The company was launched in September 2023, and a portion of sales proceeds are donated. Find flowers for every occasion and help children at the same time! What a fantastic idea! Bouquets are priced from $49-150. To learn more, visit  

The Remento Book

This storytelling platform helps you to effortlessly compile photos, audio recordings, and written anecdotes for your special event. If you are stumped as to what to write, Remento has hundreds of conversation prompts you can use to record memories. There’s no writing required, and the final product is a gift full of photos, QR codes to listen to each recording, and a timeless treasure of memories to share. There are even some family features included that are designed to engage your audience. This is a new take on the gift book that we are pretty excited about.

Try this on for size...When you are ready to establish a strong and aligned pelvic floor (especially before, during, or after you have a child), we suggest the SmartSeat™. This pilates tool is useful for anyone and is designed to be used while seated on a chair. In-depth instructions and videos are available on the website link above to show you how to use this ingenious device. Additionally, the Physical Mind Institute has several other beneficial devices to support your mind-body journey and areas of movement focus. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with the founder of the Physical Mind Institute discussing pelvic floor health and the use of SmartSeat™.

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Cover photo by Karolina Grabowska

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