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Winter 2024 Gear Guide

Updated: Jan 17

What gear do we have on our radar that needs to be on yours? See our recommended parenting, baby, & lifestyle items below for winter 2024.

We love innovation, especially regarding breastfeeding, bio-hacking, and elevating day-to-day life experiences in general. The below items address purpose and functionality and bring ease into your experience.

This wearable breast pump is low profile, quiet, and hands-free with a pocket-sized controller. Pump up to 6 ounces per breast while the two milk collectors fit comfortably with their silicone flange under your bra. USB Type-C rechargeable. Combine 3 massage types and 9 levels to achieve 27 different modes of operation based on your needs. Available in five sizes (17/19/21/24/27mm).

We have just discovered the sweetest way to freeze breast milk. These silicone milk storage trays reduce milk waste by freezing milk into individual .25 oz. drops that fit into standard and wide bottles. The cube trays are stackable for compact storage, with each tray holding up to 2 ounces of breastmilk. Made with 100% food-grade silicone, dishwasher and freezer safe.

To help soothe your new mama's body, we suggest the Fivona Sitz Bath and their other herbal-based personal care items. A sitz bath can help you soothe and clean your nether regions. It is an efficient way to help reduce inflammation, ease symptoms of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and cysts and promote healing and hygiene in general. Be sure to ask your physician when you can begin to use this item after childbirth. We recommend the 4-in-1-Sitz Bath Kit. The soak blend is made from 100% natural Epsom salt and essential oils of yarrow, chamomile, calendula, and aloe vera.

Keep your breastmilk or formula chilled for 20+ hours. This storage system is great for use with most breast pumps. It looks like a water bottle and can be used for hot or cold uses after your infant's nursing days are finished. This system is also convenient for use by secondary caregivers. Various accessories are available to customize the chiller for different uses, like the flip-and-slip lid accessory, bottle fittings, loose tea, and tea filters, and cutie handles universal water bottle strap, which can be used to carry, loop, or hang your Ceres Chill. This is truly one of those functional items that you can adapt over time for various uses. Check out the webpage to learn more about available options.

For hemorrhoids or other colorectal care issues, we recommend Bloop to provide symptom relief. Developed by a compounding pharmacist, Bloop products are made with natural Brazilian superfruit and plant-based oils. Ingredients include nourishing açai berry, Pracaxi oil for skin health, Andiroba oil for inflammation, Copaíba oil, and more. Topical anal fissure cream includes Lidocaine:5%. Hemorrhoid cream includes a vasoconstrictor and topical anesthetic.

According to the NIH, Hemorrhoids and anal fissures occur in about 40% of pregnant women and women in postpartum. They most often occur in the third trimester and 1-2 days after giving birth. You do not need a constant reminder of your hemorrhoid when you are recovering and bonding with your new baby. Let Bloop help.

TOA Waters' Recent Bubble Bath Mini Gift Set makes taking a bubble bath an even more enticing experience. Get away from common floral scents and glitter in your bubble bath and experience something much more bold and enchanting. These scents are great for all adults, no matter the gender. The mini set includes five 30 ML vials of TOA Waters’ signature fragrances along with a loofah sponge. Viles include bold-scented, handmade,100% vegan formulas made from quality ingredients like organic coconut milk, aloe vera extract, chamomile flower extract, and others. Enjoy a range of uncommon bath scents, from deep earthy notes to brighter and more uplifting scents; enjoy scents like limewood, jasmine and teakwood, rum and sandalwood, cedar and lemon, sage, and oakmoss ++.

Magnesium is essential in one's holistic supplement approach. But how do you know which version of magnesium will actually help you? Forest Leaf makes it easy with its 5-in-one Magnesium Complex. This product contains an advanced blend of Magnesium Taurate, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Citrate, and Magnesium Oxide, providing 500mg of magnesium per serving. Vegetarian-friendly

Address the microbiome of your skin with SmartLotion®, a one-of-a-kind blend of prebiotic ingredients featuring sulfur, which has anti-inflammatory properties and addresses the prevalence of bad bacteria in the skin's microbiome. SmartLotion® is an over-the-counter multiple-application eczema cream that is also great for treating itching with the addition of hydrocortisone. The cream is formulated so that there is no worry about applying it multiple times per day when it comes to steroid side effects. Can be used in combination with the Perfect Repair prebiotic moisturizer to help with skin barrier repair.

This adaptogenic dietary supplement supports healthy brain function and the ability to manage day-to-day stress. Vimergy Organic Ashwagandha 10:1 Liquid contains 2200mg of the adaptogen ashwagandha per serving. The alcohol-free formula includes organic ashwagandha 10:1 extract, organic glycerin, and organic lemon juice.

Baby Starters' new storybook pajama sets make bedtime a lot more fun. Dress your little one in these cozy two-piece sets that feature the artwork of iconic bedtime stories of Eric Carle. Dress up, snuggle up, and tuck in with the storybook, too! (Book sold separately)

Tooth whitening does not need to be an involved process with harsh ingredients that kill off your mouth's natural microbiome. In fact, it can be a pleasant and healthy experience. It is possible to get a truly clean, fresh mouth with white teeth by incorporating ingredients like Dead Sea salt, essential oils, and other non-toxic ingredients.

Lumineux® offers a range of products that are clinically proven and rigorously tested to provide oral care that neutralizes the mouth’s harmful toxins while maintaining its natural ecosystem. It is the first Microbiome Safe® and certified non-toxic oral care company in the world. Who wants a happy mouth?

Childproofing can be a challenge, especially when pets are involved. DOORWING has designed a unique solution that offers three solutions to your babyproofing (or pet) door needs. Simply attach the temporary device without the need for adhesives or screws, and set it up for use as a DOOR LOCK, a DOOR PROP that allows a small space for cats to squeeze through but contains children and dogs, or use as a DOOR STOPPER to protect from door slams, lock-ins or provide additional ventilation to a room.

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