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Good Reads - Summer/Autumn 2023

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

I know there is talk about school starting...but summer isn't over just yet! You still have time to tuck into a good book before the leaves turn. We have something for everyone, from organizing the home for babies and toddlers to cooking. Learning about the colors of skin, cats & dogs, and how to navigate with a map; some of you may need to read this one, too. Two of the listed titles touch on more sentimental parenting topics. These books help new parents understand they are not alone in the parenting experience. Sometimes, self-doubt can sneak in during those early days. In other cases, the early days go too quickly, and the memories are so nostalgic that they are meant for sharing with other parents.

Stretch your summer seamlessly into autumn with some outdoor reading time (and indoor cooking time) with the following titles...


Author: Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

Illustrator: Kelsey Buzzell

ISBN-13: 9780593326558, (3 - 6 years)

Penguin Random House (Sept. 5, 2023)

WHAT IS HOPE? is an insightful picture book describing all the ways that hope is a part of our daily lives and community. Enjoy rhymes, adventurous illustrations, and beautiful examples of where hope can be found day-to-day.

Author/Illus.: Peter Bently & Chris Chatterton

ISBN-13: 9781529012767

Penguin Workshop (Sept. 5, 2023)

Calling dog lovers of all ages! What does it mean to have a dog? Every child will love exploring the everyday life of a little dog and all the adventures and mishaps it gets into, whether sniffing things, chasing ducks, taking his owner for a walk, or munching on a doggie treat!

Illustrator: Karen Vermeulen

ISBN-13: 9781733547413

Powers Squared, Catalyst Press (Sept. 5, 2023)

Learn about the science of skin. What makes it appear the way it does?

Author: Kristen Hubbard

Illustrator: Susan Gal

ISBN-13: 978-0593110003 (3 - 7 years)

Nancy Paulsen Books (Sept. 12, 2023)

A young girl brings home a prickly and scratchy stray cat. She processes emotions and, in a way, feels like her new cat. When the cat disappears, she becomes very concerned and ultimately finds her happy place upon its return.

Author/Illus.: Ekaterina Trukhan

ISBN-13: 9798887770079, (0 - 3 years)

Nosy Crow (Jul. 3, 2023)

This delightful board flip-book will make your child squeal when they see themselves in the mirrors behind different animals.

Author/Illus.: Susannah Shane

ISBN-13: 9781839944475

Nosy Crow (Feb. 2, 2023)

Explore a grandma's love in this rhyming picture book featuring two loveable panda bears.

Read for Free or Purchase

Author/Illus.: Linda Chamberlain

ISBN-13: 9780228872573

Tellwell Talent (Dec. 21, 2022)

ACT is a children's trust in Alaska that believes all child abuse can be prevented and stopped with the right resources. This title touches on teaching children how to regulate big emotions and teaches them about the dog mushing lifestyle. All proceeds of the book are donated to ACT, which are then allocated to individual prevention programs within Alaska. Click to learn more about the book, or how you can help.

Illustrator: Dow Phumiruk

ISBN-13: 9780593110195, (3 - 7 years)

Nancy Paulsen Books (May 9, 2023)

Although it is a good thing to be able to do activities on your own, sometimes it is much more fun and much less work when people work together on a project, or event. Explore all of the ways people can work together in the home and community to help keep things moving in a fun, and helpful way.

Author: Sheryl Haft

Illustrator: Jeremy Holmes

ISBN-13: 9780399547867, (4 - 8 years)

Nancy Paulsen Books (Sept. 12, 2023)

Mazie is an adventurous one with an unlimited imagination when it comes to all things engineering. She imagines and then creates...sometimes with surprising results needing assistance. Everything has a funny name, too, which is great for reading practice and getting a giggle out of your child. (Caution: This book may give your child ideas...)

Author: Gabrielle Balkan

Illustrator: Alberto Lot

ISBN-13: 9780593519981, (3 - 5 years)

Rise x Penguin Workshop (July 18, 2023)

There are so many different types of maps! Let this fun raccoon guide introduce your child to the world of maps. The raccoon teaches all about what maps are, how to read, and use them. This may be helpful for Dad, too.


Author: Rachel Marie Martin

ISBN-13: 9781947297821

Dexterity (Sep. 25, 2023)

Accept a gift of support from one mother to another. Included within, are several letters to lovely mothers who are questioning themselves and their mothering. We are all in this together. You are enough. Take comfort in these words and beautiful, although sometimes difficult, shared experiences.

Author: Joanne Foster, ED.D.

ISBN-13: 9781953360298

Gifted Unlimited (August 20, 2023)

Ignite Your Ideas is primarily geared for older kids, aged 12-17. However, it‘s full of fantastic information and resources that parents, teachers, and caregivers can learn from themselves, as well as use to inspire children. Find out what creativity is, and the best environments to spark it. Plus, access 100 sure-fire strategies to fuel curiosity and ignite creativity. Parents can collaborate with their older children to help provide the whole family with a foundation for being more creative. Have fun, discover new interests, meet challenges, and get motivated! The youngest children will also benefit from all the information as they enjoy forging creative pathways together with others. This book is a reader-friendly guide that kids can continue to use in the future, on their own or with friends, as they move into their teen years. This is not a book on how to make crafts; it’s about how to build inspirational ideas and enhance creative expression in many and various ways!

Author: Amy Palanjian

ISBN: 9780593578506

Rodale Books (Aug. 22, 2023)

Get ready to tuck into some delish, toddler-friendly food! But don't be fooled! These dishes are amazing for the whole family and are so, so tasty. Choose from pasta, sandwiches & salads, bowls, sheet-pan or skillet meals, tacos & burritos, and quick-sides. Plus, read about ways to reduce food waste, plan for unique diet restrictions, and more. Includes preparation and cook times, easy recipes with special side-line notes, in addition to full-color photography of the dish. Yummy!

Author: Annabel Karmel

Illustrator: Alex Willmore

ISBN-13: 9781783129881 (4 - 8 years)

Welbeck Children's (Sept. 19, 2023)

This cookbook is actually designed for your young child to HELP YOU COOK. There is so much to learn in the kitchen! Help make cooking and reading recipes really fun with Annabell Karmel's assistance. Fun photos help your little ones know what is going on as they look at the recipe. Who's hungry for a caterpillar sandwich? (Don't worry; it doesn't call for real caterpillars! But if you don't help them with these cooking explorations, you may get a real caterpillar. Don't say we didn't warn you.)

Author: Leslie Means + Multiple Contributors

ISBN-13: 9781496464682

Tyndale Momentum (Apr. 18, 2023)

Motherhood is full of ups and downs, sweet memories, fears, and surprises. This book is filled with short stories written by many different mothers, covering the parenting-related topics of their hearts, sweet memories, the swiftness of time, and the sweetness in the glimpses of the early years emerging from their older children.

Author: Rita Safford

ISBN: 9781958803042

Blue Star Press (Oct. 3, 2023)

Having a child is life-changing! Especially, when it comes to how you do things around the house. Without organization, children's spaces and items collect and can get out of control, adding to the frenzy of new parent experiences. Now, you (or your pregnant friend) can avoid some of that mess and stress and learn how to manage life at home with a baby or toddler. Easy-to-use organizational sample routines and mindset-shift tips are included in this guidebook. It will also help you to prepare your home for the baby and help you with the later changes that occur during the toddler years.

Cover photo by lil artsy

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